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Limited Liability Company «CTM Systems» - the leading company on the Belarusian market in the field of deliveries and introduction of the equipment of Non Destructive Testing; vibrodiagnostics; technical diagnostics and industrial monitoring of a condition of the equipment; mechanical tests; devices for definition of the chemical analysis of materials; the microscopic equipment; consumables and accessories to preparation and the analysis of materials to all industries. The company takes in the lead market powers of the lab ware, realizing package approach for the decision of arising industrial problems, from delivery of the simple diagnostic equipment before designing and introduction of difficult engineering procedures.
The company’s team includes experts of the high level, we also had training preparation on a various quality monitoring in the European production companies, the attestative centres of Belarus and Russian Federation.

We are specialized on the following:
- Consultations on equipment selection
- Technical support
- Realisation of demonstrations
- Guarantee and after guarantee service
- Training of your experts to work with the equipment
- The organisation of repair and checking of measuring apparatuses

Company’s priorities
Granting of services in the optimum prices in the market of offers
Package approach to the decision of problems of the customer
Qualitative support at all stages of delivery
Guarantee and after guarantee service
Cooperation special conditions
Individual approach
The personal manager
Exit demonstrations
Equipment granting in trial operation